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This page talks about how subscriptions work, especially for cancellations and updates, etc.

I may use the terms credits and tokens interchangeably below. They just mean how many articles you can write. Each article is currently 100 credits.

Modifications at end of period

If you want to upgrade or downgrade, the plan changes at the end of the period. So for example:

  1. You signed up for a $19/mo plan on July 4th
  2. You upgrade to $99/mo plan
  3. You don't pay $99/mo nor do you have access to the $99/mo plan until August 4th

This is mainly because calculating prorated credits can be difficult and create various security exploits.

But if you require an urgent plan change, just contact me at [email protected] or go to our main page and hit the blue chat button on the bottom right of the window and I'll see what I can do.

Credit rollover

Unused credits from the previous period will rollover to the next period. This allows for bursty usage. If you've got a month that's slow you can stay subscribed without having to worry about losing articles.

Cancels immediately

When you cancel your plan, you will immediately lose your credits.