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Connecting to Wordpress is straightforward.

Connecting Wraith Scribe With Wordpress

Simple Text Instructions

  1. Go to integrations.
  2. Click on "Wordpress Plugin"
  3. Download the Wraith Scribe plugin with the link on the page.
  4. Install and activate the plugin on your WP admin. In your WP admin sidebar:

    1. Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin (drag/drop zip) > Install Now > Activate Plugin
  5. Once the plugin is installed, go to your WP admin and generate a token. Inside your WP admin sidebar:

    1. Wraith Scribe Webhook Tokens > Generate Token
  6. Go back to your integrations tab and paste in the generated token.

  7. Paste in your wordpress URL. Ensure it starts with https://.
  8. Press Save.

If everything goes well, you'll see a green box saying everything's connected.

Video Instructions

The video instructions here covers step 2 through 8.

Connecting Your Wraith Scribe's Wordpress To Google

Once you've connected Wraith Scribe with Wordpress, you can optionally connect your WP account to Google, and we can ask Google to prioritize indexing any newly published articles for you.

This is even easier. Just follow these steps.